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Who are we ?

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publié le 5 septembre 2017 (modifié le 5 décembre 2019)

The CNRV (national center for vehicle type approvals) is the french designated authority in charge of granting vehicle european type approvals. The CNRV makes sure that the safety and environment requirements for vehicles are met.
The CNRV is located in Montlhéry in the suburbs of Paris.

Its purpose is to ensure that each vehicle does not constitute any danger when used on public road. The CNRV therefore must check that all vehicles are in compliance with the European regulations for :

  • light and heavy duty vehicles ;
  • two or three wheel motor vehicles and quadricycles ;
  • agricultural abd forestry vehicles.

The CNRV relies on the technical service (UTAC), which carries out approval testing. The CNRV esures the tests have been done in compliance with the regulations and the vehicles are in line with the manufacturer folder.

The CNRV is also in charge of :

  • national vehicle type-approval ;
  • supervising networks of véhicle technical inspection centers ;
  • national training and assistance of the other public administrations for vehicles.

Thanks to its specific knowledge, the CNRV takes part in many international working groups dealing with harmonisation of practices and drawing up new regulations. The CNRV is also a member of the TAAM (Type-Approval Authorities Meeting) and participates in working groups in Brussels or Geneva.


The CNRV is divided into 2 specific technical units :

1 - « heavy vehicles » department

This unit is in charge of :

  • all national type-approval operations which are carried out within the French Road Code framework and the ADR ;
  • EC Whole vehicle type-approval (WVTA) in compliance with directive 2007/46/EC for N2/N3, M2/M3 and O vehicles and 2003/37/EC or (EU) 167/2013 for agricultural and forestry vehicles.

2 - « light vehicles » department

This unit is in charge of :

  • EC Whole vehicle type-approval (WVTA) in compliance with directive 2007/46/EC for M1 and N1 vehicle ;
  • EC-WVTA in compliance with directive 2002/24/EC or (EU) 168/2013 for two or three wheel motor vehicles and quadricycles.

Both departments grant the technical type approval and verify the compliance with the separate system regulations (such as braking, pollution, lighting, …) for all international vehicle categories.

The CNRV takes part in various national working groups within the direction of emission and sefety at the ministry for ecology.

The staff also manages many training sessions related to their activities.